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Mortgage Banking

As a mortgage banker, City 1st makes residential loans from its own funds on properties in the majority of states across the country. City 1st works with licensed appraisers in each of those states in obtaining appraisals according to investor requirements. City 1st also works with licensed third-party escrow companies in each of those states in handling all reserve funds.

City 1st processes and underwrites its own loans, all loan processing policies and underwriting approvals being overseen by its Operations Department, and according to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/Government guidelines. Audit procedures are controlled and carried-out by third-party quality control service providers, the policies of which are documented in "City First Mortgage Services, L.L.C., Loan Origination Quality Control Policy."

Growth and Support

Headquartered in Bountiful, Utah, City 1st presently has full-service retail offices in many states across the nation. City 1st is focused on growth and expansion and places a great deal of emphasis on selecting individuals for employment, and brokerages to become branches, who are service-driven, and possess the desire and capability to be successful.

City 1st is committed to providing each of its loan professionals and branches with the support and tools necessary to facilitate their, and the company's success, including cutting-edge technologies such as automated underwriting systems, web-based application forms, and online streamed media training. City 1st prides itself on having created a culture and atmosphere that encourages people to utilize and expand all their professional skills and talents.


City 1st has been in the business of residential and construction lending since its establishment in 1993. Its principal and staff are well-versed in all aspects of the residential and construction loan industry including draws, inspections, underwriting, mortgage and contract law, etc., and hold multiple bachelor's and master's degrees in their respective areas of expertise. Each of the company's senior officers have long established careers in mortgage banking, real estate and venture projects, and understand the complexity of the industry.

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City 1st is a growing mortgage company that is small enough to appreciate each individual borrower, employee, and client, but large enough to provide strength, stability, and an expansive array of loan programs meeting a wide range of borrower needs.